April 23, 2008 - Chicago Cubs

April 23

On April 23, 2008 the Chicago Cubs franchise one its 10,000th game.
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April 23, 1903 - New York Highlanders



April 23

 On April 23, 1903 the New York Highlanders, later to be known as the New York Yankees won its first game. Do you know what city the Highlanders played in before making the jump to New York? Click the link to find out.
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April 22, 1976 - Tim Foli


April 22

 Tim Foli of the Montreal Expos hit for the cycle on April 22nd, 1976. But what made his so rare? Click the link to find out.

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April 21, 1948 - Leo Durocher


April 21

On April 21, 1948 Leo Durocher returned to baseball after missing the previous season.  Click the link to hear more.
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April 20, 1912 - Fenway Park


April 20


April 20th marks the 102nd anniversary of Fenway Park, the oldest sports venue in the United States. Click the link below for the history of this amazing ballpark.

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April 19, 1999 - Cal Ripken Jr.



April 19

 After the Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr. ended his consecutive games played streak in September 1998, he went on the disabled list two times. The first occurred on April 19, 1999. Click the link for more information on the story.

One correction to the story. Nick Johnson is no longer playing. The audio link refers to him as a current player.

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April 18, 1946 - Jackie Robinson



April 18

 Yes it took until April 18th before featuring Jackie Robinson, but it won't be the last time. The picture above is priceless and the moment occurred on April 18th, 1946.
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April 17, 1951 - Bob Sheppard



April 17

 Known as the Voice of God, Bob Sheppard started his 51-year run as the Public Address Announcer for the New York Yankees on April 17, 1951. Click the link to find out how much Sheppard was paid in those early years.

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April 16, 1929 - Teams wear numbers



April 16


These days the number on the back of the uniform often has meaning beyond its one or two digits, carefully selected by a player to represent an important date or to honor a previous player. Numbers have not always been a staple of the uniform. Click the link to find out when and why players started wearing numbers. And to find out which team was first, the answer might surprise you.
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April 15, 1947 - Hank Greenberg



April 15


Even though this episode is about Hank Greenberg the Pittsburgh Pirate, it seemed only right to post a picture of Hank Greenberg the Detroit Tiger, the team where he spent the bulk of his career.  Click the link to hear the story

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April 14, 1949 - Bobo Newsom


April 14

On April 14, 1949 Bobo Newsom signed to play with the Washington Senators.  Click the audio player below to hear what made this decision so unique.
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April 12, 1916 - Tris Speaker


April 12
Tris Speaker and his owner Joe Lannin were fighting in a dispute that ended in the star being sent to another team.  Click the link to hear the story.
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April 13, 1914 - Federal League



April 13

Have you ever wondered what baseball would be like with a third major league? It actually has happened before, in 1914 when the Federal League joined the American and National Leagues. Click the link to hear the story.
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April 12, 1931 - Joe McCarthy



April 12 

Joe McCarthy never played in the big leagues, but he spent a lifetime managing there. On April 12, 1931 McCarthy made his New York Yankees managerial debut after departing from the Chicago Cubs. McCarthy managed from 1926 to 1950. Click the link to hear more of his story.
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