This Day In Baseball History

July 22, 2012 - Hall of Fame


On July 22, 2012 Barry Larkin and Ron Santo were inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Click the link to hear the story.

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July 21 - Lew Flick


On July 21, 1946 Lew Flick, a member of the Little Rock Travelers set a professional baseball record with nine hits in a single game. Also on July 21, 1959 the Boston Red Sox became the last Major League team to integrate.

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July 20, 1976 - Mark Fidrych



On July 20, 1976 Mark Fidrych continued his rookie dominance. He pitched his 12th complete game out of his last 13 starts. Click the link to hear more about "The Bird."

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July 19 - Neal Ball


Often times, This Day In Baseball History features someone who recorded a milestone hit or milestone win. Not often does the show focus on something that happened for the very first time in the history of the game. The July 19th show does focus on a MLB first.

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July 18 - Ty Cobb


On July 18, 1927 Ty Cobb became the first major league player to record 4,000 hits. Click the link to hear more.

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July 17, 1974 - Bob Gibson


On July 17, 1974 Bob Gibson became just the second big league pitcher to record 3,000 strikeouts. Click the link to hear more.

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July 16 - Minnie Minoso


On July 16, 2003 Minnie Minoso became the first player to play professional baseball in seven decades. He was already the first to play in six decades and one of only two that played in five decades.

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July 15, 1960 - Brooks Robinson


On July 15, 1960 Brooks Robinson became the first Baltimore Oriole to hit for the cycle. Brooks had a hall of fame career with Baltimore, the only team he played for while in the majors.

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July 15 - This Day In Baseball History


On July 15, 1901 Christy Mathewson, one of the first five players inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame, recorded the second no-hitter in the modern era.

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July 13, 1966 - Robin Roberts


On July 13, 1966 eventual Hall of Fame picture Robin Roberts signed with the Chicago Cubs to finish out his career. Click the link to hear his story.

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July 12 - Dom DiMaggio


On July 12, 2009 Dom DiMaggio was honored by his ball club, the Boston Red Sox.

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July 11, 2002 - Charlie Manuel


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July 11 - This Day In Baseball History


July 11 features a few more All-Star moments.

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July 10, 1934 - MLB All-Star Game


On July 10, 1934 the American League displayed an All-Star lineup of nine eventual Hall of Fame players. Carl Hubbell, of the National League did his part in slowing down the powerful A.L. lineup.

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